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An One-stop, AI-powered and Innovative
Recruiting & Staffing Platform

  • icon Sign up and start boosting your recruitement capacity to on-demand speed and scale by getting connected with not only millions of candidates, but also thousands of talent suppliers, professional and freelance recruiters
  • icon Work as a professional or freelance Talent Supplier to earn more from utilising the talent profiles you have
  • icon Getting the job which best fits your skills, experience and expectations, in a superbly comfortable way, has become easier than ever before

Trạm Tuyển - A Recruiting & Staffing Platform

Cloud Base, Micro-Frontend/Micro-services Solution for On-Demand Business

  • icon Applying Microfrontend helps in scaling frontend development so that many teams can work simultaneously on a large and complex product.
  • icon While Microservices architecture brings you the greate benifits of designing software applications as suites of independently deployable services , business capability, intelligence in the endpoints, and decentralized control of languages and data.
  • icon Utilising a proven solution for many large software system would bring you greate cost-saving, time-to-market benifits

Cutting Edge Solution facilitating On-demand business of all kinds!

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Software Development, Maintenance & Testing
Solution Consultation, Product Development
IT Resource Staffing Solutions

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Staffing Services
HR Partnership
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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"Trạm Tuyển is an exceptional product! It not only helps to scale up and speed up our recruitment activities but also offers our business a much greater degree of flexibility in staffing the necessary workforce.
(Ms. Thu Ha, HR Manager)"


"I am more than satisfied with HR services provided by Talehu. I now can entirely focus on my professional activities without worrying about the legal liabilities because Talehu has already taken over these.
(Mr. Duy Phuong, Freelance Frontend Developer)"

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We hold a passionate and profound belief that
every individual and every organization has their own values.

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Our mission is not only to help in shaping and bridging the values of each individual and organization but also to make the most of them.

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